Hospital Services provided include x-ray, breast imaging, ultrasound and CT scanning. An x-ray is a widely used test which creates an image of the inside of the body, much like a photograph. It is very quick. It's often the first point of investigation to help the doctor decide if any other forms of imaging or tests are needed.

These are imaged through one x-ray room and are imaged according to clinical priority according to how sick a patient is (i.e. some patients may wait if sicker patients need x-rays at the same time).

X-ray procedures give health-care providers important information about what’s going on inside the body from broken bones to signs of cancer. Radiologists, specially trained doctors, “read” these images and send a report of their findings to your doctor. X-ray images are produced by passing radiation through the body and recording the image on a digital receptor. The images are stored on a computer. The images and report are available to your physician via the internet.




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