As an essential hospital facility, the central oxygen supply system. When provided Oxygen may be used for patients requiring supplemental oxygen via mask. Central Oxygen Service in hospitals are, in a word, lifesaving.

These assemblies supply piped oxygen and medical air to hospital areas such as patient rooms, recovery areas, operating rooms, and more. Computerized alarm systems monitor gas flow and alert hospital staff to any anomalies.

Oxygen is used when patients require supplemental oxygenation due to hypoxemia and hypoxia (insufficient oxygen in the blood). This system consists of a large storage system of liquid oxygen, which is then evaporated into a concentrated oxygen supply.

There are numerous advantages of using oxygen therapy. It can drastically improve your overall health by improving the health of your blood with a good amount of oxygen supply. One of the biggest hits taken by COPD patients is the decreased physical activity due to difficulty in breathing. Oxygen therapy takes care of this by pumping oxygen into your body so you can continue to lead an active lifestyle. Another major advantage of oxygen therapy is the overall improvement you will notice in your sleep quality. Lack of good sleep affects a person’s health. Oxygen therapy also improves your mental function and overall health.




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