Hospital wards Patients are assigned a ward or a room based on the type of care they need and the availability of the bed. When admitted to the hospital, patient care is provided by a team of health care professionals trained to meet patient's specific medical needs.

The general ward is made up of female, male and pediatric wards.Nurses are responsible for the daily management of acute and chronic medical conditions such as malaria, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, HIV, gastrointestinal conditions among others. Patients are admitted to the unit directly from the outpatient department or the emergency department.

The unit has accessories for oxygen therapy, suction and nebulizing of patients who may be in acute respiratory distress.

Patient centered care is the most important part of the practice model, thus, the right of the patient to participate in her care is observed and encouraged at all times.

Care is provided by a multidisciplinary team. We have an experienced Nursing staff, with Registered and Enrolled nurses providing routine care, assisted by Assistants in Nursing. The patient's stay in the ward is monitored by a Clinical Nurse Specialist who ensures that their investigations occur in a timely manner, and that planning for a safe and timely discharge is communicated across the team.




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