Dr. Deepak Anandrao Patil

M.B.B.S.FCCM (Dip.CCM, Ruby Hall Pune)

                         It is indeed a great privilege for me and my team to present Shree Hospital. We bring the tradition and experience of two decades in delivering affordable healthcare services in a patient-friendly environment, with a strong belief in ethical and transparent medical practices. Shree Hospital has established itself as a comprehensive healthcare system. Shree Hospital was conceived as a dream; a dream to make healthcare AVAILABLE, ACCESSIBLE, AND ACCOUNTABLE to the community at large. Yet these were not the only drivers. We, from the very first day of our existence, kept the ‘Patient’ at the centerfold of our organization. It is building the trust with our patient that has always driven us to be the best – at infrastructure, at technology, at our physician team, at our patient care team, at our processes, and at our emotions. And with every challenge we faced, Shree Hospital team always dug in its heels and has overcome the challenges with their enthusiasm – enthusiasm to make hospital a compassionate healthcare organization – building a bond of trust with its patients. I could not thank my team enough for their contribution in the development of this organization. Shree Hospital is poised now to take on the next challenge – developing the organization into Centers of Excellence in various disciplines. We have achieved a center of excellence status in a large number of specialties and super specialties, yet being the best at everything is the goal that we chase… A robust, well integrated, excellence seeking healthcare organization; that is what Shree Hospitals group will always be…

                                                                                                                                 — Dr. Deepak Anandrao Patil

                                                                                                                                                   M.B.B.S. FCCM
                                                                                                                      (Diploma.Critical Care Medicine, Ruby Hall Pune)




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