Shree Hospital, a specially medical center with medical facilities commissioned 9 years ago to deliver accessible, high quality health services in a focused and caring environment.
We are all active members of the Shree Hospital team and therefore integral to the hospital's success. By engaging each others and being invested in our hospital work, we all contribute to achieving our mission and vision.
Patient First
We strive to deliver the very best to every patient every day. The patient is the first priority in everything we do.
We will exceed the expectations of our patients and their families by anticipating their needs, improving access to care, and ensuring the quality and safety of care.

ICU(Intensive Care Unit)

Our ICU department is specialized for patients who require intensive monitoring, nursing care and complex respiratory support. The ICU staff is available 24 hours a day, committed to provide excellence in clinical care.

OPD(Outdoor Patient Department)

The OPD unit in the hospital is a place where walk-in patients are attended  and treated. Our primary objective is to render health services at minimal cost.

Well-equipped Pathology Lab

Shree Hospital has a round the clock laboratory testing facility catering to both outpatients as well as patients admitted in the hospital. There is an extremely comprehensive list of investigations to choose from including routine and special investigations.

Ambulance Facility

It is a type of emergency service dedicated to providing out-of-hospital acute medical care, transport to definitive care, and other medical transport to patients with illnesses and injuries. Shree Hospital serves ambulance facility 24/7 all 365 days.




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